This Class will be a Hands on Class! 

Casi Gill, Jaclyn Koning, Chardonnay Muir AND our amazing extension team will be teaching their signature Ambition Hand Tied Extensions as seen on @ambitonsalon.xo / @hairbycasii / @hair.by.jaclyn / @hairbychardonnaybaylee & more.  This class will be a fun and busy HANDS ON day where each attendee will see a how to do hand tied weft extensions from start to finish.  PLUS, hands-on instruction so each attendee can get personal instruction, practice and theory so they can be confident to start doing extensions in their own salon.  We will also provide each attendee with a their own starter extension kit with all tools needed to do extensions (kit does not include hair extensions). Plus, we are proud to be a real-life Q&A class where all questions are answered. You will see how each step is done and see EVERYTHING up close and personal.  We have worked hard at making our classes to be fun, informative, interactive and engaging.  We are here to share ALL we do and want each attendee to take these skills back to their salon. 

*Please note:  There are NO contracts or agreements that need to be signed with attending this class.  Showcased in this class will be all the techniques that are used in doing hand tied weft extensions. Plus, we will also be sharing details on how we do photos, Instagram, all social media and even business related questions.

The class will start promptly at 10:30 am. Class is anticipated to finish around 3:30 but may be be longer depending on the needs of model(s) and attendees. Lunch, drinks, snacks and notebooks will be provided.  No tools are needed to be brought to the class